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Welcome to AIBM College


Aakash International Business Management College Bangalore is a premier management academy offering big global approach to education and professional skills, with a focus on global perspectives and expertise. Our transformative education includes a broad based curriculum underscored by multidisciplinary courses and cross faculty enrichment coupled with special programs facilitates students to realize their potential.

AIBM College has an integrated campus with all the requisites of a modern business school and it brings in the latest disciplines and world class management practices to its students, it is committed to the goal of social responsibility. 

AIBM College  provides an intellectually inspiring atmosphere and a superb infrastructure to propagate the best management practices in the corporate world.

AIBM College is a dream project of a group of dynamic and highly qualified entrepreneurs and mentors with the avowed  mission of providing quality education in management to meet the aspirations of the student community on one hand and meet the expectations of business and industry on the other.
AIBM College's curriculum, the bottom line is to adopt and apply the internationally acclaimed concepts to the local context.